Difficult is okay. Negative is not!

Written by Harry Curry on Feb 06, 2014 in - No Comments

My love for words is continuing to bring me great inspiration.  Recently, I was praying about some of the difficulties in my life and ministry.  The list was short, but concerning.  Before long I noticed that difficulties can quickly morph into a negative attitude.  That was the last thing I wanted to characterize my day.  So, I decided to look up the words “difficulty” and “negative.” The ‘find’ was a treasure for me.

The word “difficult” means “not easy.”  Pretty simple and not at all surprising.  My sense of honesty confirmed that all of us face things that are “not easy.”  In fact, most of us face them every day.

However, the definition for the word “negative” was shocking.  “Negative” originally meant “to deny.”  Wow!  My spiritual conscience was pricked.  How often had I allowed my thoughts and actions to be carried out as if I were denying God.  Denying His presence, His concern, His help, and His unfailing love.

The definitions helped me.  We will all face difficulties.  It is just a part of life.  You have probably encountered things that are “not easy” even today.   But, we don’t have to be negative.  God has promised to never leave us alone.  His people are faithful and our families are a huge blessing.

By His grace I will live with the truth:  Difficult is okay.  Negative is not.