GMC (Gonna’ Magnify Christ)

Written by Harry Curry on Jan 31, 2014 in - No Comments

The Lord is bringing people to our building to experience the love of Jesus.  And it is not just happening during worship times.  In fact, it is happening in the mess and repair of a frozen water line.

What a mess! In less than an hour and a half the whole office complex of our building was flooded.  Wet vacs, fans and dehumidifiers ran all weekend.  The restoration crew quickly made the decision that all of the carpet had to be pulled up and replaced.  We tried to argue about the hallway carpet.  It was 6 months old and had been a great update to our building.  No question. It had to go.  So, by Tuesday morning four men arrived to pull up carpet.

The offices were a breeze.  Within the hour all of the office floors were down to the concrete.  All that was left was the hallway.  About that time two of the men (the lucky two) had to go to another job.  So, two men were left to pull up the 50 feet of hallway carpet.  It didn’t take long to determine that the installers had done a great job.  The glue had bonded beyond anyone’s expectation.  It was going to be a long day.

Then a couple our guys decided to help.  They suggested tying a rope to the carpet and pulling it up with Herman’s white GMC pickup. What a a sight!  Soon the heavy rope was stretched all the way down the hallway, through the exit door, and attached to the bumper of the pickup. Amazing! What had been back-breaking and difficult was accomplished in a moment.  From seam to seam, twelve feet at a time, they assisted a  grateful carpet crew. Soon the entire hallway was bare.


Two weary carpet men went home at the end of the day having experienced the tireless love of a couple of laymen.  Laymen determined to magnify Christ – even in a GMC.  That is what I love about this church.