Left-Handed Crochet

Written by Harry Curry on Feb 06, 2014 in - No Comments

The timing of the Lord is most obvious in community.  It is one thing to see the Lord at work in your own life.  But, it is hard to miss His hand when it impacts the whole community.

One of our mothers recently decided that she wanted  to learn to knit.  Her children are now grown and she has time to  pursue a new hobby.  She decided to teach herself by watching youtube.  The stitches and loops were difficult.  And, to add to the dilemna, most knitting patterns were developed for right handers.  She is left-handed.  But, she began.  

The next morning (please read that again), the next morning my wife, Anita, talked to another lady in our church.  She said, “I have recently taught myself to knit and would like to recruit some ladies to help me.”    She was deeply concerned about the homeless men that we serve every Monday evening.  Making the trip downtown on Monday nights was not an option for her. She has two young children at home.  The Gentle Jesus had spoken to her heart, “Would you knit sock hats (toboggans) for these men?”  That was significant and do-able for her. She quickly responded, “Yes!”  Quickly a plan was crafted and the first church-wide knitting party happens this Tuesday evening  at 7 pm in the cafe.

The timing was incredible.  Within 24 hours of deciding to learn to knit a class was scheduled for the following week.  And the glory is in the details.  The young mother that will lead the class is also left-handed.

We don’t want to keep it a secret!  We want the right-hand to know what the left hand is doing.  And that God Himself is orchestrating the whole process.