Living in the Son all summer!

Written by Harry Curry on Jun 02, 2015 in - No Comments

What an wonderful time of the year.  School is almost out!  We are vacationing, stretching weekends beyond their limits, and getting the most out of our favorite time of the year.  We all love it!

Make it a season of joy!  Keep Jesus First even in these busy days.   Stay in the scripture. Listen carefully to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  And stay connected to community.  We want to spend the “Summer in the Son.”  Our Sunday evenings are planned with that purpose in mind.  And….it starts this week.


This Sunday evening Don Renn will be sharing about the miracles that were so evident in his son Jered’s recent car accident.  God has been so good!  Afterwards we will share a brief time of fellowship with the best snacks around.  Please come!

share with kids

Bring the kids!  It is so important that they hear the stories of faith!  Get them close enough so they can hear.  Encourage them to ask questions.  Tell them why “we” are going.  Anticipate the joy they can bring!

Tomorrow night we are studying about Hezekiah.  Read ahead!  Isaiah 38-39, 2 Kings 18-20, and 2 Chronicles 29-32.  What principles jump out at you for these days.

God is Good!