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Just a note:

What a great day to be a part of this church. Sure, it’s summer and attendance is down a bit. Our families are vacationing and spending the weekend with family. What a privilege! Wherever you spend this weekend be sure and start the week in worship.  It is the beginning of the sequence for a wonderful week with Jesus!

The Lord is at work among us! This morning I determined to take the time to notice His work.  Then I looked up the word “notice.”  It means “to know.”  I was pleasantly surprised. So often, I cannot see what the Lord is doing, yet I know He is working among us. I am rejoicing.  Here is one place it is obvious……

….to Sherri and her team for a great summer at Sports Camp. There were 175 different kids that attended. Look at these photos of the closing rally.

sports camp

sports camp 1

                                                                                                                                      Discipleship is also “working”!  We have nearly 40 people committed to meeting together every week.WalkwithMe_MorganRiley2 You don’t have to walk alone.  Are you interested in developing a spiritual friendship? It takes one hour per week. And the good news is that we have a number of adults who are waiting and available to meet with you. John Wesley said “more is accomplished through one hour of honest coversation than in 10,000 hours of preaching.”







         Movie on theLawn Back Lawn

                 August 8th at 8 pm

Plan now to invite a friend and come! There will be lots of refreshments, fellowship, and a meaningful message.

Our kids are going back to school on August the 13th. That evening we are going to celebrate all that the Lord has in store for them this year. We will recognize every student and feed them well.

One other note: Sunday is coming!  We will be looking at the last phrase of the Lord’s Prayer – for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever. What a day it will be. Do a little pre-service homework and look at I Chronicles 29:10f.

God is Good!  All the time!