Written by Harry Curry on Jan 09, 2014 in - No Comments

Being open to new ideas is a challenge for many.  Being open to new experiences is an even greater challenge.  I can be open to the idea of the newest and fastest roller coaster, but getting on it to ride is a whole different story.

Wednesday evening I decided to remove the whole center section of chairs in our sanctuary.  The idea occurred to me late in the afternoon and I was actually moving the last of the chairs our as people began to enter.  It was amazing!  Without a thousand questions, numerous people began to help me carry the chairs and hide them behind the sanctuary. One of the ladies grabbed the Oreck and vacuumed the large area.  We now had a huge divide between the two outer sections of chairs. The perfect object lesson for the evening’s bible study.

divided sanctuary

The spiritual reality of a people is always reflected in very outward and physical ways. The church that was open to move the chairs was also the church that was open to the message.  “Don’t be separated from God, from others, or from yourself.”  Openness! That’s what I love about our church.