Written by Harry Curry on Jan 24, 2014 in - No Comments

It was 18 degrees. That is where the story started.  When we arrived for prayer breakfast on Wednesday morning there was a van sitting in the parking lot.  The back passenger’s side tire was blown out and shredded.  Someone had obviously had a flat tire the night before and it was just too cold to deal with it.  So, they left it sitting in our parking lot.

After prayer, and a great breakfast at the Diner, the van was still there.  Some of our guys headed off to a leadership meeting and three others lingered to fellowship and just be together.  The Lord’s timing is wonderful!   At about 10:15 a spry and energetic 75 year old black man came into the foyer.  His name was Pete.  He was a retired Chrysler employee who had lived in Kentucky for 3 years.  And a devoted Christian that led a bible study at a local retirement center.  He was also the owner of the Ford van with a flat tire.


Three much younger men quickly took off the old tire, went to get a replacement and changed the tire.  Pete and I got acquainted as he waited in the warmth of our foyer.  Here are his words: “They surrounded me like bees.”  But, I loved his closing comment most of all. He said, “It is a good thing I wasn’t crippled or they would have carried me.” That is what I love about our church.