Sequence – Starting at the right place

Written by Harry Curry on Jun 19, 2014 in - No Comments

Good morning! Take a quick break on this scorching day for an update about our church.  Hope it leaves you refreshed.

Just a thought provoker….choose one:  I heartu

                                                                                  i heartU

Did you get your day started off right?  There is a sequence! John 17: believe-kept-belong->community->world    2Corinthians : compelled by love-convinced-changed-commissioned      Mort shared a church’s mission: Gather – Grow – Go                                                                                            We are learning it is  Love – Learn  – Live

Everything starts with Jesus!  If you are not genuinely in love with Him the whole Christian life makes no sense.  The call to discipleship is a drag. And a growing walk with Jesus is impossible. (Have you ever tried to work with someone who wasn’t interested?  It doesn’t work.) It is vital to start the sequence of each day loving Him. It’s not too late. Start now!




You don’t need to walk alone! We have 24 adults who are waiting to walk with you on your journey of faith.  Do you have questions?  Need someone to meet with? Pray with? Just talk to? Would you love to study the Bible with someone?

New relationships are blossoming! The stories are amazing! Sign up this week to begin.




Historically the next ten weeks we have the lowest attendance of the year. Let’s break that cycle. Begin each week’s sequence with worship. If you are on vacation or at the lake find a place to worship. The Lord will bless the week and the day that begins in worship.

Thirty picnics? Did you say thirty?  All on the fourth of July? How in the world could I attend them all. Details are coming. Start buying hot dogs (or chicken breasts) and get ready. Perhaps one of them is coming to your house?

Do you remember Sunday’s message? Are you living it? What is God’s mission for us in the world? Here’s the list:

  1. Obedience – the proof of love
  2. Love God and love people
  3. Love your enemies
  4. Love one another (those in the church)
  5. Live to please God and reveal Him

How can you love these?

  •      Lela Walker is struggling with her breathing
  •      Sandra Smith is battling cancer in her lungs
  •      Sloane Lewis is on a school trip to Italy
  •      Sports Camp reached about 100 kids last night
  •      Teens are going to youth camp in two weeks
  •      Robert and Ione are in Oregon for most of the summer


   i heartU ,  Harry