Children’s Ministry

We are blessed to have a Children’s ministry Team that uses fun, hands on, and creative activities to connect kids to Jesus.

Sunday mornings are EXCITING!

We have both preschool and elementary age Children’s Church.

Children’s Church uses drama, creative storytelling and kid-friendly lessons to help children understand the truths of the Bible as well as to learn how to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Wednesday nights are AWESOME!

Preschoolers: Bible stories come alive through fun activities and games that they will love and remember! They may hear the story of Jonah while sitting in the belly of the great fish, go fishing with the disciples, or travel through the wilderness to the promise land.

Elementary children, we have BIBLELAND!

BIBLELAND links Bible stories and children’s unique learning styles through art, drama, cooking, science, games, movies, and more!

Painting the days of creation on the ceiling, like Michelangelo, carrying your crippled friend to see Jesus on a stretcher, games, or making empty tomb rolls in the kitchen are all a part of inspiring children to fall in love with the stories of the Bible and most importantly with Jesus!

Our hope is to begin to build a strong christian foundation that will last a lifetime and that each child will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.