Scripture: Isaiah 59:21 -forgiveness -His Word and spirit will never depart from your mouth -forgive – the English word -forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us -wrestle with forgiveness -for – before -fore – before -forecast -to be given to completely before -living at mercy of your ideas -we have a lot of wrong ideas about forgiveness –we think we earn it –we think we have to wait for it -the bible says you can have it completely and before -the Lord does what He Is -He forgives -God doesn’t have to make up His mind that He is going to forgive you -the Heart of God is already committed to forgiving you, even before you do wrong -Arnold Palmer and golf club -the issues we have with forgiveness is in our minds, not with God -if you are caring guilt from 42 years ago or from yesterday, it is a tragedy because you were already forgiven -how versus who, the answer is Jesus -Jesus is the cornerstone -cornerstone – means the highest stone, capstone, keystone -Jesus will enable you to forgive and love others as He loves you